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“You are beings of choice and creation, therefore, every second of your life, you choose. The sum of all these choices creates your life. Second after second, you build the backstory of your life.

To choose your life is to choose yourself: to choose to love yourself with all the fibers of your being, to accompany you, to support you, to wrap yourself in everything that you live.

The opportunities of choice that you encounter are openings, possibilities for you to live on expansion. They are also signs that a healthy and evolving movement is taking place inside you. In addition, it is essential to understand that you reach a higher level of consciousness by the propulsive force of your choices. Consciousness changes are always accompanied by countless choices. Minor choices lead to major choices. The minor choices are the small choices you make in your daily life, such as the choice of your readings, your hobbies, your diet … These gradually build your life by activating other situations where you have to make more important choices,, that is to say major choices. This is how the very movement of life manifests itself.

The resistances that you have, when you are faced with a choice, are associated with beliefs, non-integrated experiences, fears or the fear of a possible failure. They also tell you that you are having trouble choosing yourself. As for fears, they are usually associated with a difficulty in understanding the real meaning of the experiences you have had.

If necessary, transcend what you are experiencing by using tools of transcendence until you are peaceful and you can thank this situation for having made you discover these aspects of yourself. All misunderstandings, injuries, feelings of failure and fault hamper you in your possibilities of choice and creation.

Choice is a dynamic force that is essential to your survival. To refuse to choose is to refuse to live. By becoming more aware that you are constantly in a position to choose, you will come to demystify the approach you must take when you have to choose. Understand that existence is made possible because each creature activates its own creative power, since life is an active energy of creation.

All the events and situations that you experience offer you the opportunity to progress. Sometimes your inner voice tells you which choice you have to make. These can create fear because they will require a lot of adaptation and trigger many changes.

When you feel that some choices are imminent, accept this feeling. Inform your interior that you have received the message well, but that you need time to calm down certain parts of your being. On the other hand, if you deny the feeling of a choice in a specific situation, you will experience an increase in your anxiety, your internal tension, your fears and will also multiply your feeling of internal emptiness.

The constant opportunity you have to make choices allows you to continually manifest the situations that are most beneficial to you. These situations allow you to express the maximum of your potential and thus realize your evolutionary designs. In addition, these situations of choice push you to strengthen your courage, your strength of will, your clairvoyance and your confidence in life.

Sometimes when you are making major choices, you need time, a space of silence and precious moments of interiorization to integrate the reality of your choice. This irreplaceable time of reflection and integration allows you to let your emotions, your reactions, your fears, your doubts arise in order to transcend them and take action. It is perfectly normal for certain major choices to generate fears, such as missing something, losing, being rejected or making a mistake. The whole process surrounding a choice situation activates the circulation of part of what is contained in you, thus allowing you to contact your fears, your doubts, your beliefs, your limits and your potentials.

You get endless support. However, you have access to it to the extent of your openness of consciousness and according to your choices.

Infusions and movements of planetary transformation push you to recognize your strengths and to become aware that you are the only creator of your life. You are greatly stimulated to become aware of your “multidimensionality”. Live what you are ready to live with the greatest respect for yourself. You don’t have to judge yourself or prove to anyone that your experience is valid. Your experience belongs to you. We convey to you all our love and respect ”.