Centre d’enseignements spirituels et de recherche orienté vers le développement de la conscience supérieure en équilibre avec l’ouverture du cœur.


“… As you can all see, your current inner movement pushes you to explore more deeply the various levels of your heart, and this, through all your experiences. Thanks to the great movement created by the presence of the Love Portal, you have the possibility of loving on levels that you have never explored before. The exploration of your heart and your strength of love, which is done in stages, brings about conscious modifications that you must choose taking into account the other aspects that inhabit you. In other words, your ability to live from the heart is determined by karmic and current factors.

Although these stages are experienced differently from one person to another, the fact remains that they are the same for all beings, whether it is reaching a saturation point in a stage of experimentation, destructuring and destruction of the elements in place, the presence and effect of the creative void, the perception of another reality, the birth and activation of a new movement, etc. Understand that this important passage to deeper levels of love makes possible, on a planetary scale, a great force of unity despite your differences. In fact, this Love Portal allows you to decrease, between all of you, the differences generated from the perception of ego and personality and will increase the vibrations of respect, compassion, mutual aid and brotherhood.

It is essential to understand that this important passage which is experienced at deeper levels of the heart takes place according to cosmic laws and according to a very specific individual and planetary approach. Therefore, this exploration that you are doing at the heart of your being also responds to that. In short, what is important to understand is that you are not wandering inside you, but that you are, rather, wisely guided by your divine Being in this metamorphosis which is decisive for you in this incarnation.

This prodigious stimulation pushes you far beyond your limits. This is why you feel and feel, at times, that you are at the end of your capacities to love, to forgive, to accept, to welcome, to give, to recognize, to understand, etc. It is necessary to feel the limits of your capacities in order to go beyond. Keep in mind that by reaching what seems to be a limit and then choosing to exceed it, you are entering a space that you have not yet covered. By multiplying these explorations, gradually, you express another part of you which is more in tune with the deep desires of your Being.

To go beyond your limits, widen your vision of what you are going through, do not dramatize your experience, step back, communicate to others what you are going through, be more silent, appeal to your divine Force, dare to look for new solutions or answers to your concerns and, above all, learn to trust yourself. Then pray, meditate, and regularly state in yourself what you choose to live and be.

Thanks to this love portal, you have the exceptional possibility of bathing and living love, reaping the fruits of happiness, the joy of living, the feeling of control of your life, mutual aid. Open your heart and consciously choose this opening through your daily life. Be the expression of your deep nature, that is to say, a Master of love and compassion.

May you have the wisdom, patience and courage to let the force of love shape your Being and keep it aligned with the great Universal Currents. ” Maitreya