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All that you are, stimulates you to communicate because you are beings of communication. Nevertheless, you have to learn to communicate adequately. Also, it is important to understand that your ego and your mind need to take up space, therefore they try, at times, to take up all the space, in order to be recognized. Observe these aspects in yourself with compassion. This will make it easier for you to transform the way you are when you are in communication with others.

Communication is essential for your development. You have been given the floor to communicate and to use it as a tool for transformation and healing. Because when you talk about what you are going through, it helps you to understand yourself better, to raise awareness, to clarify obscure aspects and to resolve situations.

Communication stages

Stages of the communication movement are: the pause, the emanation, the second pause, the welcome and the third pause, the role reversal, the fourth pause, then the second movement of the communication begins again with the emanation .

1st communication movement:

Capturing someone else’s energy automatically prompts them to do the same. Thus, between the two of you, there is a rhythm at the level of the exchange of greetings, polite expressions all this in a posed way and with the support of the non-verbal. Then, you seek to capture on which side the movement should start. It is important to feel who should be the first to emanate.

Finally, when the individual who is to emanate has identified himself internally, he begins the conversation. When you understand that the other is the emitter and, therefore, that it must be the one that emanates, and that this individual has not realized it, make sure by your questions, by your silences, by your attitude or simply by telling him that you want him to tell you about him. So you get him to really take his place. The individual will feel the surge of energy, become active and slip into their role of “emanator”.

At the same time, the receiving individual places himself in a state of attention to what is shared with him. He welcomes and keeps his attention, the same way he would watch a ball thrown at him. You maintain a state of concentration. When you feel that the reception time is over, have another break. This will allow you to place inside you, what you have received vibratingly and verbally. The length of a break can be a few tenths of a second.

2nd communication movement:

The individual who welcomes after the break will become the one who emanates. Energy will flow from one individual to another thus in a balanced manner. Since there is an inverted polarity in communication currents, you are either in one position or in another. It is important to understand that in a contact you do not have to emanate and receive at the same time.

If, on the other hand, you feel that it is you who must be the transmitter, and that the other individual does not realize it, keep silent. Gradually, the other will feel something and quietly be quiet. Then the energy will once again go in the direction that communication really should take.

Often, discussions are biased, because individuals do not respect the flow of communication. Because they go against the flow of communication, then when the exchange is completed, they feel a sense of inner discomfort. This is because during this contact, they did not respect the rhythm, the movement, so they spent part of their energy talking and thus biased the contact.

At times, there are moments of silence, realize that even in these, there is an exchange and that the movement of communication continues its course. Besides, the more conscious this silent exchange, the more nourishing, dynamic and invigorating the relationships. The latter can also serve as a mirror and can be very helpful to evolve.
Some people cannot communicate verbally, but they are more able to communicate in other ways.