Centre d’enseignements spirituels et de recherche orienté vers le développement de la conscience supérieure en équilibre avec l’ouverture du cœur.


You are constantly in transition from one point to another, from one state to another state. This transformation process generates new ways of being and doing and requires quality transparency towards yourself, that is, accepting to be who you are, to be seen as you are. are and express your vibration through your experience, and this, at every moment of your life and finally accepting full responsibility for all your inner states are generated by your words, your thoughts, your emotions or your actions.
There are fundamental differences between men and women. These differences are perceptible and manifest at all levels. Although you benefit from two vibrational polarities and all the potential associated with them, you are more influenced by only one of the polarities at the start of your life. Thereafter, throughout your incarnation, you will intuitively seek to balance the expression of these two vibrational polarities (woman and man) across all the situations that you will experience.

In this incarnation, the female energy egregore has chosen to seed, in the material plane, the capacities for intuition, receptivity and openness to other, more subtle realities. Sensitive to the realities of the invisible, women are more naturally challenged by the change in consciousness and life values. She uses her creativity to find out how to communicate to others, with love and respect, this seeding of consciousness in her daily activities: her work, the education of her children, her romantic, friendly, social relationships… She communicates it in various ways : verbally, non-verbally, by its emanation, by touch, by smile, by speech, by its way of getting involved in its activities, by internal communication and by the direct planetary rooting that it offers during of the pregnancy process and during childbirth.

The inner work that she does in order to express her potential for awakening consciousness allows her to build a balance between her polarities yin (interiorization and resourcing) and yang (exteriorization and action). For several decades now, women have been opening up more and more to their capacities for reception, feeling, perception and intuition.

Gradually, she participates in the changes of levels of consciousness through the teaching and education that she does, by the installation of these new values ​​in her living environment, by the use of what she intuitively feels to administer his material reality and that of his own, etc. She is a pioneer, an innovator. Throughout her life, she will strengthen her yang side (rooting and action) and merge it with her yin strength (receptivity).

The vibration and the vibratory composition of man stimulate the rooting force. The male energy egregore roots, strengthens the principle of embodiment in material reality. Through his presence in a family, man takes root in the family unit. It stimulates internal security in others, because the masculine principle generates confidence in life. It allows others to benefit from its strength of stability. It also participates by offering its seed in the process of co-creation. Its action vibration sets in motion the process of fertilization. This principle helps the Masters of Incarnation to stabilize and balance the evolutionary growth phases of children and adolescents.

Man allows the beings around him to benefit from his ability to connect with the vital energy of Mother Earth. He finds it easy to feel his physical strength and his courage. He easily contacts his meditation-sexuality energy.

Man is opening up more and more and will open up even more, in the years to come, to perceive the more subtle realities. When there are more people opening up to their energetic reality, then there will be major changes in the material reality of this planet (more evolutionary planetary management). Given his ability to take root, man has a good capacity for manifestation in physical reality.

Throughout his life, he learned to make contact, in a very concrete way, with more subtle reality. Then when he reaches a state of inner equilibrium, at the level of his yin and yang polarities, man then becomes able to merge his force of action with that of his consciousness. He learns to live his spiritual quest in a material action. He is emissive, builder and organizer.

When the new woman and man form spiritual couple relationships, they are then aware that each of them has different potentials and attributes. From then on, they know that they can enjoy all the possibilities offered by their difference and their complementarity. Gradually, they learn to use the expanding force of one and the other. They live complementarity, they use the force of their difference and collaborate together in their individual and collective action-mission.

New women and men perceive that the relationship is at the level of the commitment of their soul. Everyone commits to their own soul although souls choose to walk together. You are not committed to the other, you are committed to yourself. Relationships are defined at the soul level, regardless of the gender of the other person. During your entire transformation process, you transform yourself into new women and men.

Remember that you are beings of communication and fraternity. You are learning the art of group leisure, the art of group silence, the art of group healing, the art of group meditation, the art of group vibrational exchanges, etc. Thus, you can develop and use the potential offered by the reality of a group.

You are all united to the same reservoirs of cosmic force. Tap into these tanks. Let yourself be penetrated by the evolutionary force that emanates from others.

We transfer all our love and respect to you.