Centre d’enseignements spirituels et de recherche orienté vers le développement de la conscience supérieure en équilibre avec l’ouverture du cœur.


I am a mother, medium, author and graduate in nursing technique. For a long time, I have longed with all my heart “To be love and compassion”. Thanks to my collaboration with Maitreya, I was able to bathe in these qualities in me and acquire a lot of knowledge and understanding on the deep meaning of life. I needed several years to recognize some of the agreements and commitments that I made long before my incarnation. Indeed, during one of my other incarnations, I committed myself to this collaboration in order to transmit to the West, brotherhood through the teaching of Love and Compassion, what I have been doing for 27 years. Benefiting from the teachings, which were transmitted through my channel, I developed my subtle senses as well as other capacities of subtle perception from my inner listening and acquired a lot of knowledge at the level of my inner functioning.

Research and my experiments are also at the level of the coherence of the heart and the development of my pineal gland, my pituitary gland and my thymus. In addition, I experience expansions of consciousness and movements of creations that are structured in the quantum field, the opening of the eye of consciousness and kundalini. I see and perceive the phenomenon of identity transfer at the vibrational level, which allows me to support people who are going through this experience. All these states of consciousness that I live have an impact on my inner development, my balance and my physical health. My research is supported by my own experiences which constitute my first reference.

I am also a consultant in Development of Being, Therapist in meditation E.E.G. Biofeedback and in Cardiac coherence, Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience and Psych-K Facilitator.

I invite you to visit our site and feed on it. You are welcome to experience one of our different activities. I remain open to your suggestions. My thoughts of brotherhood and my vibration of love and compassion are with you. Take good care of yourself. Fraternity-friendship.



An individual “guidance-meeting” with Maitreya, we can benefit from comments adapted to us in the present moment, in addition to an explanation concerning the main lines of our incarnation, our themes of life learning, our probability lines and life cycle, of our karmic memories, of our life initiations, soul agreements and much more according to the questions we ask.

This allows us to assess where we are at this point in our life, what remains to be explored and what we have already done. This meeting allows us to acquire better inner health and therefore a greater facility to maintain the alignment of our soul.

Intervention can be done in the presence and remotely by internet.


Approach presents principles and techniques that help us to better control the production of our brain waves in order to awaken and evolve more in our mind. Our brain waves or our patterns of thought and emotion are detectable and measurable. Controlling the production of our brain waves corresponds to a state of consciousness.

Producing certain specific waves, we can activate a sensory bridge which allows us to develop our capacity to let circulate freely the “energies-information” from the deepest parts in us (subconscious Theta and unconscious Delta) towards those relational (Alpha , space of the heart) and more external (mental, Beta) and vice versa.

We can stimulate the production of new neural networks, increase the global synchronization and the restructuring of our electrical circuits. These promote the production and amplitude of Gamma waves. These waves make our spiritual gains operational in our daily lives.

Addition, it is possible to obtain various artisanal meditations in order to stimulate the production of particular states of opening of consciousness, inner transformation, self-recognition and widening of the vibratory field.

Intervention is done in the presence of the person for a Mirror of the Spirit, but the support in the development of the different brain waves can be done remotely by internet.


Means of my knowledge, my psychic capacities, my feeling of the heart, the opening of my consciousness, my karmic experimental background, my understanding of the past-present-future axis, my ability to perceive, see, feel, and to be able to capture the vibrations made up of information energy that take place in the reality of others.

I have developed a broad perception of current and karmic realities. From the quantum field around the person, I draw information that allows me to highlight what is buried in the person’s subconscious (zero point). Therefore, I help the person to transcend his experience, by better understanding the curved links between his current experience and that of karmic and soul harmony.

The learning environment in which she finds herself and how these factors intervene in the reality of her present moment. Thereafter, she can choose to set up new ways of being and doing.

Intervention can be done remotely by internet.


Allows us to rewrite the software of our subconscious mind and change the imprint of our life. It is a spiritual process with psychological benefits. It is a simple and direct way to change limiting beliefs at the subconscious level where most human behavior (expansive or non-expansive) originates.

Technique allows an optimal “integration-unification” of the two brains, which is the ideal state to reprogram our mind with new affirmations.

Different methods will be used, including the PSYCH-K method and super learning.

Intervention can be done in the presence and remotely by internet.