Centre d’enseignements spirituels et de recherche orienté vers le développement de la conscience supérieure en équilibre avec l’ouverture du cœur.



“We are a moving energy reservoir belonging to another dimensional reality. We are the Energies of Christ Love and Compassionate Buddha Unity. Part of our infinite reality has the experience of the incarnation and the other part is an existential vibration.

We are in each of you. We are you and you are us. We are the Christ and Buddhist part in you that will bring about change. The New Messiah you are waiting for is in each of you. It is your ability to be Divine. We wish to collaborate with you in order to stimulate you in the recovery of your sacred powers. It is by returning to your Source, that is to say at the heart of your heart, that you will find your strength, your power and your consciousness which make you the Divine Being, this God-Man emanating love , dignity and grace.

Of our vibration cannot be contained in one person, because We are a reservoir of love and compassion. We overcome this by being present in each of you. However, some people have acquired or acquire such a vibrational quality at the level of the development of their consciousness that they express or will express through their whole Being, love and compassion. These people will be recognized by their emanation, their vibrational quality, their wisdom and their force of conscience. They will have an action-mission which will lead them to be Spiritual Guides for others. Part of the reservoir that We are is channeled through this human channel.

It is very important that you are well rooted in your life, in your daily life, because action is precisely in this daily life and among your fellow men. Our teaching allows you to experience the changes in dimensional movement and the implantation of a planetary level of awareness with increased awareness. ”