Centre d’enseignements spirituels et de recherche orienté vers le développement de la conscience supérieure en équilibre avec l’ouverture du cœur.


You all have gifts. A donation is something that needs to be animated. An individual may have different gifts and not be aware of them throughout their life. To express a gift, there is work to be done. Some will express gifts more or less consciously, according to certain contexts, as in the exercise of a profession: gifts of leadership, coordination, synthesis and organization. Depending on their degree of openness, these people will express their gift according to a certain range of action.

Remember that you are a sowing of being, a vibration of the Source of which you are the only carrier on this planet. Throughout your life, through your experience, you seek to express this sowing that you are. Seeding is a vibratory whole which cannot be defined by a word or an expression. Sometimes we tell you that you have a teaching-related stocking, but that’s only part of it.

Seeding is the basis of everything an individual will be. From sowing flow gifts, strengths, potentials, a whole set of karmic antecedents whose achievements also called memories. If someone wants to have access to their potential, they must realize their strengths and gifts. When he got to expressing his potential, it was because he activated his gifts, at least part of it. In the karmic antecedents are found the themes of learning. He has to transcend, to balance what takes root in another living space. He also has the achievements of his other lives: the baggage of achievements, knowledge, integrated experiments, carried out in other lives.

In summary, your gifts, your strengths, your karmic antecedents which contain the realizations of your other spaces of life and the experience of the present incarnation create your “emanation”.

To be able to identify your gifts, you must return to yourself, go back to the Source, “your Source” which is your sowing, Christ in you, the divine in you. It is this seed that we are talking about when we tell you that you are “divine”; it is because you are that “pure seeding” that comes straight from the Source.

The awareness of one’s gifts, an inner attitude

Each of you has more than one gift. You have those you need to carry out your action-mission. You have significantly more than you need. But the challenge is that to become aware of your gifts, it requires inner research. It is through experience that you become aware of them. The more conscious an experiment, the more you are able to really know what they are.

When an individual enters the journey, the little voice inside him that makes him feel the right way or that tells him to be vigilant in order to remain humble, modest, or that makes you fear you are proud, or excessive in the evaluation of what you are either by overvaluing yourself or by undervaluing yourself. At the start of the journey, it will be very strong. Over time, he will adjust his behavior taking into account this voice which will become softer. The individual will learn to live with him, to listen to him in everyday life and will have a more balanced behavior or action in the face of the expression of what he is, whether by his thoughts, his words, his actions and his attitudes.

The color of its vibration

When you capture someone else’s vibration, you like or dislike or more or less. But what you perceive is also this whole whole, not just the experience of this life, this being or something that you lived with him. You grasp the whole of being, what it is, what it gives off. The more the individual really wants to be transparent, spontaneous, the more they love themselves; the more he emanates what he is, the more others are able to grasp what he is and the more they find this being beautiful, attractive, charming, etc.

If you look in the wild, you see tiny flowers that are beautiful. Each petal is drawn and colored and their whole forms an absolutely wonderful table. Another flower may have less appeal, but emit a heady aroma. A more robust although less attractive shrub can shelter some birds; and you have the oak, the huge oak, well rooted and protective. Each of these aspects: the flower, the shrub and the oak, is as important as the other.

The equality of beings

Each of you has chosen to have a role, a context in which to evolve and an action of your own. To accept your donations, the first step is to integrate the reality of what we have just described to you. Every human being, be it a president, a lawyer, a bishop or anyone else, all individuals are equal.

To find your potentials, your strengths, it is important to accept that you are really all just as important as each other, to realize that you have chosen to occupy different spaces, functions and actions. You don’t have to rate a superior person if they have an action-mission that you deem more important or to judge them less important because they have an action-mission that you value less. Any form of life is very important.

Each individual has his potential, his gifts and his seed of being and can choose to commit to himself and develop them. What he has to do is discover his gifts, activate them and express them. Your spiritual assessment or the level of consciousness you have achieved is assessed by the love you have for yourself, the strength you display and the intention that you have to actualize what you have come to accomplish.

Contact with his gifts

You can get in touch with your donations in two ways. The first is internalization and everything that puts you in contact with yourself: meditation, observation of what you are, evaluation, introspection, analysis of your experience, etc. The second way is contact with the outside: people, animals, plants, nature. Everything around you allows you to read yourself and offers you ways to determine your gifts. Someone who has a gift automatically has the capacity to be moved, to be challenged by something related to this gift. For example, if you have a great love for children and all that concerns their education, and that you are solicited in different ways, you have a gift at this level. There is this gift. One of the aspects that follow from this is that you want to help children.

Others, reflections of who we are

Part of the gifts of an individual express themselves freely, spontaneously, although they are not conscious of expressing them because it is part of the area of ​​unconsciousness that they have in front of themselves and that is all completely normal. The individual transcends this area as he moves forward and after going through very important stages. During his life, he becomes more and more aware, but, at some point, he must remove blinders to have a more global awareness of what he is.

Observe the importance that a person in the process of maintaining relationships in which the individual feels respected, whether these relationships are family, fraternal, loving, parental, etc. This does not mean that others must believe what you fully believe, but that they respect you in what you are; in the sense that they respect that you have your own experience. For example, friends, co-workers, family, etc., all of these beings may reflect something very precious to you.

If someone has a negative vision in general, he sends it to the other. If a person who has more or less self-confidence captures this negative judgment, it indicates that they have a very negative image of themselves. This kind of feeling is expressed a lot during infancy, adolescence and in young adults. So you have gifts. You can make them aware through contact with yourself, paying attention to what makes you vibrate, what you like, what aspects of you you feel comfortable with. There may be a path yours. Although you have certain facilities, you also have certain fears. However, you have more interests than fears to realize what you feel attracted to, so intense is the force that drives you to respond to this attraction.

You can feel your gifts within yourself from what is easy for you. There are certain aspects that you just think about and you already feel incapable of it. This is not just a blockage on your part; you just realize that you don’t have a lot of skills in the field. This does not mean that you cannot learn, but you should not expect to excel in this life because you have not endowed yourself with this potential. However, you will be able to acquire a minimum.

Above all, do not extinguish everything that arises deep inside you and that makes you vibrate. You may not actually know how to manifest these desires, but do not think that they are only dreams or illusions. Let your dreams live, give them an important place and stabilize them in a good rooting.

How to assess a relationship that crosses time?

An individual who has an artistic gift could be attracted to the theater, to creation, to song, to all that is beauty. It may happen that, through these attractions, he needs to make certain understandings during his experiments. For example, a person who needs to heal something in terms of taking their place, of self-image, may want to be seen, that others tell them how good and appreciated they are. . Sometimes you go in one direction and you may have to adjust this afterwards because, as you evolve, you purify yourself. You regulate aspects of yourself. Your choices, your feelings are much more in resonance with what you want to live. You have made choices that you must readjust afterward because you are making them with who you are. All of you made choices ten years ago, twenty years ago with what you were back then. Now you are doing others because you have transcended many aspects within yourself. What is important in all of this is to be current. It’s necessary to keep up to date and maintain an environment that keeps you current.

If you have friends or important relationships and these individuals do not allow you to update yourself, that is, they regularly project to you non-current images of what you are, although they do not don’t have the capacity to capture everything where you are now, but if someone projects you the image of what you were ten years ago and you are no longer all this, you have to position yourself . If this relationship no longer has a reason to be and detach yourself, move on. Otherwise, it would be beneficial to clarify this with the other. If an individual does not respect you at this level, you may choose to reassess this relationship. Why do you maintain it if it is no longer adequate? It is important to maintain a good level of vigilance so as not to be trapped.

The strength of a healing group is that everyone who is present is there on an open basis. Individuals are constantly updating; everyone updates the image they have of the others. For everyone who is present, the fact that others update their image is very good for them. This allows him to have the most current shimmer of several aspects of her and to recover information that is very important to her. So having relationships with people who have an openness of consciousness is very favorable. Evaluate how you feel when people are open to you and are able to welcome you right now. You stand in front of them, they welcome you as you are and they don’t try to bring you back to what you were before. If they are not paying attention to what you are currently, you are not comfortable.